What Automation Testing Can Add to Your Project

An automation specialist is a more highly skilled person than a regular tester, since he/she would already be an experienced manual tester with additional automation skills. Bringing in a person with these kinds of skills would enhance the testing process even more by reducing manual testing hours and decreasing the number of test cases and test data.

Furthermore, the tools and frameworks you use to achieve automation can become a dependable resource for larger projects if there is a budget to cover that aspect of testing. Manual testing should still occur for a while even though automation helps speed up the testing process as a whole. However, automation in general should not be the real goal of your testing efforts for a big project, because if you focus on the whole picture, the main goal should be to support new development efforts by providing quick feedback to the whole team.

Things to Consider with Automation

  1. Cost and Resources: What is your budget and how many resources can you afford?

  2. Stakeholders: Who is involved in the project? (i.e. Project Management, Quality Control, Development, Requirements)

  3. Manageability: What is the scope of the project? Can Automation be included and be still be cost effective?

  4. Execution Time: Manual vs. Automation. How much time can you save with automated tests vs. manual?

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